Providing the brightest, most true-to-life image quality in the simulation industry, in platforms designed for low total cost of ownership. The Collins Aerospace Matrix™ WQ StIM and WQ SIM projectors offer years of virtually maintenance-free, continuous operation. Designed with features that minimize total cost of ownership, both solid-state projectors take reliability and stability to the next level.

Exceptionally bright LEDs, WQXGA resolution, real-time balancing of color and brightness levels, and advanced smear reduction technology enable the Matrix WQ StIM to deliver the highest-fidelity image quality in the simulation industry.

When combined with the Collins EP®-8100 image generation system, the Matrix WQ StIM offers a visual solution that operates on a single channel for both infrared and out-the-window visuals. This drives down costs while offering the highest fidelity.

The Matrix projectors are a fully integrated projection system engineered for flight simulation requirements. They exceed FAA Level D compliance for projectors and full flight simulators, providing the finest image quality in the simulation industry

Features & benefits

  • Integrated, fast LED illumination with a lifetime of +50,000 hours
  • High reliability
    • Unmatched picture reliability in a filter-free design
  • Lamp-less operation
    • Requires no consumables
    • Delivers longer life and greater reliability at a lower cost of ownership, compared with lamp-based projectors
    • Removes restrictions for mounting in any orientation
  • Solid-state technology with a single DMD
  • No color wheel; increased color gamut
  • More dynamic and realistic rendering of the training environment