Stable and secure in flight

Our next-gen ATGL contains a full-service galley and two lavatories on a customized pallet that can be easily loaded onto military cargo aircraft, providing a high quality, durable platform that creates stability in flight. Because it seamlessly interfaces with onboard cargo handling systems, the ATGL removes the need for additional tie-downs or attachment points.

Flexible configurations

Select your preferred combination of galley features, including refrigerators, coffee makers, ovens and microwaves, to pair with two lavatories. Each lavatory is equipped with Collins’ advanced vacuum wastewater system and Agile™ toilet, increasing sanitary measures onboard the aircraft and eliminating the usage of blue water systems that rely on special service trucks to pump out waste after each flight.

Engineered with customer input

Working with our partner, Knight Aerospace, we asked customers for their must-haves for the next generation of ATGL design and function. Then, through a combination of Collins' cabin interior leadership in galleys, galley inserts and lavatories, along with Knight’s industry expertise in specialty palletized systems, customized cabinetry and systems integration, we created a singular high-performance ATGL solution to accommodate all of your mass troop transport needs.

Let us know how we can help equip your next crewed mission for success. Our next-gen ATGL is ready to go, wherever the mission takes you.