April 26, 2020 - For over 40 years, our mission has been to overcome the challenges of high-speed ejections, heavier helmets with helmet-mounted devices, and accommodating aircrew of all sizes. Continuous innovation is required to not only eject aircrew safely from their aircraft, but to bring them to the ground with the ability to walk away with little to no injuries.

ACES 5® is the latest addition to the Collins Aerospace family of Advanced Concept Ejection Seats. It incorporates significant safety and cost saving upgrades compared to the legacy ACES II®, which is credited with saving more than 660 lives since its introduction in 1978.

ACES 5’s unique features include a faster deploying drogue parachute and a stability package (STAPAC) to compensate for pitch changes due to varied aircrew weight and aerodynamic effects, thereby reducing the risk for injury. Additionally, its passive head and neck protection system also assists in making ACES 5 the only ejection seat in the world qualified to MIL-HDBK-516C compliant safety standards.

To catch up on ACES 5’s next generation innovations and how the ejection seat is addressing our customers’ requirements, Defense News spoke with Collins Aerospace’s Don Borchelt, business development director for ACES II and 5 ejection seats.

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