May 31, 2018 - The latest addition to the UTC Aerospace Systems family of Advanced Concept Ejection Seats, the ACES 5® incorporates significant safety and cost saving upgrades. Engineers have combined the unparalleled spinal safety performance of the ACES II® ejection seat with next-generation head, neck, and limb protection for all aviators. They have expanded the height and weight capacities for the seat so that the U.S. military can safely eject the broadest range of male and female aviators ever.

Analysis conducted by the USAF Safety Center, earlier ACES seats recorded a spinal injury rate of less than 1 percent and an overall injury rate of less than 5 percent. No other seat in the world has a historical record that meets that level of safety. The ACES 5 seat advances that leadership position, meeting the needs of both established aircraft platforms and new aircraft that fly faster than ever before. ACES 5 is also the only ejection seat designed, developed, subcontracted, and built in the USA.

It is this commitment to innovation, safety, and high-end performance that resulted in the U.S. government choosing the ACES 5 as the next ejection seat with which to outfit its B-2 bombers. ACES 5 is the ejection seat that military aviators deserve and can count on, a next generation platform featuring advanced technology that delivers performance. Watch the video here:

ACES 5® Next Generation Ejection Seat

ACES 5 Ejection Seat