The Collins Aerospace Adaptive Flight Display (AFD-3210) with Mosarc™ inside was developed from a proven family of commercial off-the-shelf, resistive touchscreen liquid crystal displays with multi-touch gesture support. The nine-inch diagonal displays with Mosarc inside enables the AFD to quickly integrate into an open systems architecture.

With a ruggedized, flexible Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-compatible touchscreen featuring a resistive touchscreen technology that is compatible with any type of flight glove, the AFD is ready for your mission. The light-touch technology uses pressure on the display to sense position and minimize false activations, a common concern in cockpit environments.

Additional features and benefits

  • Fits within the typical DZUS rail and accommodates retrofit applications
  • Supports up to Design Assurance Level A (DAL A) display formats, including DO-178C, DO-254 artifacts, and ARINC 661 graphics protocol
  • MTBF > 9000 hrs
Adaptive Flight Display screens

Enable the expanded capabilities of legacy and next-generation military aircraft, such as:

  • Radio management
  • Checklist automation
  • Flight planning tasks
  • Flight management system and performance data
  • Take-off and landing data
  • Navigation charts
  • Graphical weather
  • Synoptics
  • SATCOM and AOC
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Crew alerting and troubleshooting