Collins Aerospace's SNC-2050 SubNet Relay controller system gives you true mobile, ad hoc networking technology for net-centric operations in remote locations.

The system creates mobile, ad hoc IP networks by reusing existing (fielded) radios. Through relaying, the SNC-2050 extends your radios' operational coverage. This reduces your reliance on satellite communications and enables you to share communication resources.

You’ll get a fully distributed (masterless), self-configuring, self-organizing IP network with dynamic selection of relays and bandwidth provisioning. Currently fielded in a number of nations, the SNC-2050 is also undergoing standardization in NATO under Draft STANAG 4691 – Mobile Ad hoc Relay Line of sight IP Network (MARLIN).

Features & benefits

  • True mobile, ad hoc, HF/VHF/UHF networking technology
  • Uses automatic, intelligent relaying and routing
  • Masterless architecture with standard asynchronous, synchronous and Ethernet interfaces
  • Dynamically allocates channel bandwidth
  • Uses standard TCP/IP and UDP/IP
  • Built-in TCP Performance Enhancing Proxy. Improves TCP throughput between 200 and 400 percent over standard TCP and prevents TCP from timing out.
  • Up to 70 kbps TCP throughput, uncompressed, in a standard 25 kHz channel with the Collins Aerospace 96 kbps HSM-2050 high speed modem
  • Operates at data rates from 3.2 kbps (HF) to 1.92 Mbps (V/UHF)

SNC-2050 SubNet Relay Controller