The Collins Aerospace Talon RT- 8200 is designed to give you the best value in features, technology and growth capabilities. This series of receiver-transmitters features a digital radio architecture that enables easy reprogramming with different waveforms and operating modes through the use of digital signal processing technology.

Software programmable

Flexible, software-programmable V/UHF communication system capable of operating frequency-hopping waveforms HaveQuick I/ II, SATURN, U.S. SINCGARS, Talon, Talon II and Quicklook 1A, as well as, Encryption A and Citadel™ encryption.

Certified/qualified airborne Citadel radio

An airborne radio that provides secure communication with Harris V/ UHF manpack and handheld radios using Harris' Citadel™ encryption and / or Harris Quicklook1A.

Proven, reliable and tested

The Talon product line leverages the over 40,000 AN/ARC-210 radios fielded in over 40 countries and on more than 140 platform types, therefore eliminating reliability and performance risk.

Features & benefits

  • VHF/UHF (30-400 MHz) voice/data communications
  • Available with multiple ECCM options, including: Have Quick I/II (STANAG 4246), SATURN (STANAG 4372), TALON & TALON II waveforms (country unique identifier), SINCGARS, Harris Quicklook 1A (30-108MHz)
  • Includes multiple encryption options, including: Harris Citadel Chip (hardware), Talon Encryption A (software)
  • Maritime mode: 57 pre-programmed preset channels, ship/shore selection, automatically applies offset
  • Capable of scanning up to four preset channels
  • Dedicated 243 MHz / 121.5 MHz guard receiver
  • Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) interface
  • Compatible with ICAO Annex 10 and ED-23B, including FM immunity (8.33 kHz operation)
  • Interfaces with Type I NATO encryption
  • Control via MIL-STD-1553 or remote control
  • Software reprogrammable in the field

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