The enormous amount of data that is produced by all the elements of airline operations, from flight planning, maintenance and fuel to flight operations, safety and training, is what keeps passengers moving. But if that data isn’t simply connected, if it’s not seamless, highly accurate and in real time, then a tremendous opportunity to make operations as intelligent as possible could be missed.

A turnkey cloud platform like our aviation resource management system does the work so you can stay focused on getting your passengers to their destination. Leveraging modules that cover every aspect of operations and a unified database that integrates them, the aviation resource management system puts invaluable data at your fingertips to enhance both pre-planning and day of operations. In fact, it’s the only solution in the industry capable of doing so.

The Collins Aerospace aviation resource management system is designed to work in parallel with our passenger service system ARINC PaxLinkSM that connects and streamlines schedules and fares, reservations, ticketing, inventory and booking, distribution, departure control, revenue and weight and balance into a single system and interface. Together they give airlines the complete picture it takes to maximize every detail and operate efficiently, cost effectively and securely in today’s aviation ecosystem.


  • Network and schedule planning - Make optimum use of your aircraft resources and maximize the network effectiveness
  • Flight operations - Manage on-time performance and disruptions efficiently with complete fleet situational awareness
  • Crew management - Balance between airlines’ costs and employees’ quality of life, while ensuring strict statutory compliance
  • Flight planning and dispatch - Flight safety and efficiency with a focus on fuel conservation
  • Engineering and maintenance - Maximize airworthiness and ensure quality, compliance and dispatch reliability
  • Logistics and inventory management - Supply chain efficiency to ensure availability of spares and materials
  • Heavy maintenance repair and operations (MRO) - Plan and execute heavy checks consistently, efficiently and safely, returning the aircraft back to service on schedule
  • Flight data monitoring and analysis - Use high fidelity data to measure and monitor the safety, compliance and efficiency of your operations
  • Fuel consumption analysis - Maximize your profits by policing your fuel conservation policy
  • Safety and quality management - Enables compliance with emerging ICAO safety management system (SMS) requirements
  • Integrated training management - Monitor skill and knowledge levels of your workforce
  • Integrated document management - Access to technical publications, records, documents, policy manuals, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other content
  • Mobility solutions - Empower staff with connectivity on all mobile devices, including tablets and phones

Analytics optimizers

The aviation resource management system provides users with research based optimizers that employ advanced analytics to improve operational effectiveness, decision making and overall systems management. Make your entire system even smarter with rapid evaluation of cost scenarios and optimal resource assignments.


Connectivity And Network Services

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