Redefining the cabin experience

Unmatched comfort

MAYA represents a visionary design that seamlessly integrates physical and digital technologies enabling multi-dimensional drivers of an elevated experience.

A luxury aircraft seat fully reclined for sleeping

Physical comfort

The ARISE™ system intelligently optimizes comfort by automatically adjusting the seat in response to body pressure, body temperature and active vibration caused by the aircraft.

Sensory comfort

Q-Tech advanced sound-dampening technology reduces background noise for a quieter flight. Hypergamut™ lighting technology promotes melatonin production for more restful sleep.

Psychological comfort

By providing increased control over the seating environment, passengers can truly relax in comfort.

Personalized travel experience

MAYA forges immersive, customizable travel experiences – enabling passengers to tailor singular in-flight experiences based on their unique preferences. Fully immerse in unparalleled entertainment, productivity and relaxation options, powered by the latest screen and audio innovations.

A widescreen monitor for a luxury business class seat

Multi-sensory entertainment

An ultra-wide curved OLED display and a headphone-less audio system provides immersive viewing experiences, allowing passengers to see and feel the suite transform around them based on the phase of flight, personal preference or entertainment option.
A luxury business class aircraft seat

Intuitive interaction

The integrated InteliSence™ intelligent cabin system responds to passenger behavior in real time – delivering levels of comfort, personalization and service not seen before in air travel.
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A luxury business class seat


Intuitive technologies like active surface technology, wireless charging and device pairing make the suite more approachable and customizable.

New standards in accessibility

Complete control

ADAPT™, a flight experience control system, integrates directly with passenger personal electronic devices – providing familiar, curated command over the entire seating environment

Advanced functionality

AI-powered InteliSence™ technology works in tandem with ADAPT to support advanced mobility, sensory, cognitive and language accommodations.

Curated communication

Crew to passenger communication improves as the ADAPT system informs service teams of unique passenger needs, allowing crews to cater their approach at an individual level.

Conscious construction

MAYA melds luxury with an unprecedented focus on sustainability. The seat concept is an exploration of intelligent design, material usage and operability to reduce waste, power consumption and overall weight.

Close-up view of the fabric of a luxury aircraft seat

Material matters

The use of recycled, reusable and plant-based materials combined with advanced machining and 3D knitting processes reduce production waste and improves product circularity.
Luxury aircraft seat

Lighter & stronger

The STARLight™ composite structural material integrated into the seat is thinner and lighter than traditional materials. Reinforced with structural stiffeners, it provides weight and space savings without sacrificing strength and reliability.
Luxury aircraft seats

Modular design

The industrial design of the seat emphasizes modular construction. This provides the opportunity to incorporate future technology developments and mid-life upgrades while also providing a canvas for differentiated branding elements.

Innovative collaboration

Collins Aerospace collaborated with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to bring the MAYA concept seat to life. United by a shared vision to create transformative passenger experiences, Collins and Panasonic contributed their respective expertise in technology and innovation in co-developing this revolutionary technology demonstrator.