The Collins Aerospace RTU-42XX Radio Tuning Unit product family provides integrated control of all Collins Pro Line II and 400 Series Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) sensors and the HF-9000. The RTU-42XX incorporates a complete set of radio management functions into a single unit and gives you a convenient means of selecting frequencies, codes, channels, operating modes and volume. You can integrate the RTU-42XX with the Flight Management System so that the tuned frequency is always displayed on the RTU regardless of the tuning source. The RTU-42XX’s maintenance display pages for the CNS system can interface status, radio diagnostics and fault history records. The unit offers an optional backup Horizontal Situation Indicator display. Some original equipment manufacturer versions of the RTU-42XX can even serve as a backup engine data display.

  • High-readability display: The RTU-42XX family uses a 3ATI size Active Matrix LCD display to provide a clear, bright, sunlight-readable display and excellent off-center viewing angle performance.
  • Ease of use: Features centralized and consistent tuning and mode selection operation of all radios.
  • Twenty COMM, NAV, ADF and HF presets: Nonvolatile memory holds frequencies and settings so they are not lost during power shutdown.
  • Full cross-side radio control capability: No loss of radio tuning due to a single RTU failure.
  • Troubleshooting aid: The RTU also provides maintenance display pages for CNS system interface status, radio diagnostics and fault history records.
  • Additional features: Integrated TCAS control as well as independent volume control for each radio.
  • Options to Expand RTU-42XX capability: Choose from standby HSI display, standby engine display (application dependent) and Dzus rail or panel mounted.