The CTL-4000 control box gives you dedicated control of communication, navigation and surveillance Pro Line 21 and Pro Line II radios. It can be configured by pin strapping to provide either dual COM/NAV, ADF or XPDR control function. The CTL-4000 is ETSO and meets high levels of environmental qualification. The dual COM/NAV control takes up half the space and weighs less than other control boxes. In dual COM/NAV configuration, a single CTL-4000 simultaneously controls: the NAV-4000, VIR-32 or VIR-432; the DME-4000, DME-42 or DME-442 (normal range plus extended frequency range); and the VHF-4000, VHF-22 or VHF-422 radio (normal range plus extended frequency range). In ADF configuration, the CTL-4000 controls the ADF-4000 and ADF-462 radios (normal range and extended frequency range). In XPDR configuration, the CTL-4000 controls a single TDR-94(D).

  • Pro Line 21, Pro Line 2 and Pro Line 2-400 control: CTL compatible with all Collins Aerospace Pro Line suites listed.
  • Designed for civil application: CTL is ETSO/TSO and DAL B certified.
  • State-of-the-art display: CTL embed 2.2-inch AMLCD color display with high viewing performances.
  • Dual COM and NAV: One CTL unit for COM and NAV control on the same display allowing space saving along with weight reduction.
  • Configurable control box: Same part number is configurable by pin strapping for COM/NAV, ADF and XPDR radios control.
  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) display
  • Extended frequency ranges and spacing for international operation
  • COM and NAV presets: facilitate flight operations.
  • Built-in-test capability and real-time display of radio diagnostic codes (radio IBIT): Facilitates maintenance activities.
  • High level of qualification: CTL-4000 is suitable for use on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft including highly robust applications.
  • DO-178B DAL B, DO-254 DALB and DO-160E standards