The future-ready, standalone Venue Smart Monitor (VSM) with Airshow HD is a cost-effective entertainment upgrade alternative for many business aircraft owners with outdated or obsolete cabin management systems. The VSM affords improvements over time delivering technology that suits business travel needs while increasing the aircraft’s value.

With an enhanced intuitive user experience and wireless passenger control options, our smart monitor enables familiar at-home capabilities like casting from other devices and streaming options. The VSM comes with Collins Airshow HD, in-flight entertainment, intelligently built into the display and customizable to provide exactly the level of passenger engagement desired.

Smart Monitor features & benefits

  • All-in-one solution combining hardware and software, simplifying installation and reducing size and weight
  • HD and 4K resolutions offer a quality viewing experience just like home
  • Store hundreds of hours of personal and DRM content on-board with the optional 4TB internal solid-state storage drive
  • Enjoy personal streaming or auxiliary audio/video content with local HDMI 2.0 input
  • Connect entertainment devices to your existing cabin audio system with analog audio output
  • Enjoy seamless wireless passenger control with convenient control via mobile app or HTML
  • Bulkhead and touchscreen options enable multiple configurations to fit all aircraft sizes
  • Airshow HD entertainment unlocks access to your favorite moving maps, movies and more in high definition

Venue Smart Monitor

Aircraft cabin monitor

Multiple sizes for small and large cabins

Cabin monitors in five different sizes

This versatile monitor is available in multiple sizes with two touchscreen options and resolutions. The VSM requires a single, simpler installation meaning less hardware and aircraft downtime. Multiple monitor configurations are available to satisfy a variety of cabin layouts, providing flexible installation options to upgrade the entertainment experience throughout the cabin at one time.

Equipped with Airshow HD and entertainment

VSM comes equipped with Airshow Moving Maps, enables on-demand streaming, includes an audio/video player with an optional 4TB internal storage drive for licensed and personal music and movies, and has HDMI input for third-party streaming, computing and gaming.

Airshow HD is designed to offer owners flexibility with the solutions that they want. All software packages include the Airshow HD mobile application to enjoy your own Airshow entertainment on personal devices anywhere in the cabin.

A tablet display with a menu of options on the left and a map on the right

Collins is a leader in cabin solutions

The Collins Venue Smart Monitor with Airshow HD is an all-in-one intelligent cabin upgrade that provides in-flight entertainment to passengers and adds value to your aircraft. The VSM is the identical display hardware used in our Venue cabin management system. This ensures your investment for the future and allows owners to incrementally build cabin controls onto the VSM architecture as new technologies continue to be developed on our widely trusted and most fielded cabin management system in business aviation. Contact us today for a demo and to learn how this advanced design delivers future modular upgrades.

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