ARINC SelfServ™ - Faster Check-in, Happier Passengers

With security, passenger volume and airport waiting times at all-time highs, airport congestion solutions are more critical than ever. Collins Aerospace has installed common-use self service (CUSS) kiosks in airports worldwide—helping speed up the check-in process, significantly reduce lines, enable airline cost-sharing, save floor space and improve the entire customer experience.

As demand for self-service has grown, we designed our ARINC SelfServ™ CUSS kiosk platform to meet the changing needs of how today’s passengers travel, allowing them to bypass queues and take complete control of their journey. Biometrics can be used to identify each passenger while secure payments for ancillary revenues made. Kiosks can even be deployed remotely at off-airport locations for greater passenger flexibility and to further ease terminal congestion.

To facilitate a safer, contactless passenger journey, our range of kiosks can also be controlled by a passenger using their own mobile device. Check-in can be completed and boarding passes printed without touching the kiosk screen.