With traffic consistently growing in every region of the world, airline and airport operations are adapting and evolving to ensure the best passenger experience. A cloud-based architecture for passenger processing provides new opportunities to move at the pace of the industry without the costs of onsite infrastructure.

Our ARINC cMUSE check-in platform helps integrate the entire passenger journey from the door to the aircraft, supporting a seamless flow at every touchpoint via our biometric identification technology. It can be deployed in minutes on workstations and tablets anywhere in the airport, making it ideal for scalability and changing conditions. It also enables simple, quick maintenance and software updates, generates valuable analytics to help drive decision making and is monitored 24/7 for the highest levels of availability and security.

Keeping the focus on the passenger experience

From check-in and self-bag drop to security and the boarding gate, ARINC cMUSE is focused on helping airlines and airports keep passengers moving. Self-service and biometric identification enables passengers to avoid a continuous presentation of documents and maintain a walking pace throughout the terminal.

Big benefits no matter how many passengers you process a day

Plain and simple, ARINC cMUSE is designed to give airports exactly what they need - flexibility, reliability and simplicity - without added infrastructure costs and the inconvenience of more onsite equipment. This enables smaller tier airports to provide the same type of services to passengers traditionally only found at larger airports. 

Deployment in minutes

As a true cloud platform and not just a hosted service, ARINC cMUSE eliminates the need to individually configure client workstations. It automatically provisions out-of-the-box PCs and tablets to be fully-functional, common-use devices in just minutes. This is especially helpful in reducing queues and keeping passengers moving during irregular operations or seasonal requirements.

Updates and maintenance made simple

ARINC cMUSE eliminates the need for onsite technicians by pushing updates to customers automatically. Airlines can deploy applications independently from other airlines, enabling them to use preferred technologies and software while running a single version across all sites.

Continuous insight for decision making

ARINC cMUSE’s data mining and analytics provide critical insights into operational and historical data. The reports and dashboards on specific touchpoints help improve day-to-day decision making and billing.

24/7 monitoring and support

Our 24/7 operations center monitors both wide area networks and business-critical functions within cloud-based resources and facilities to ensure the highest levels of availability and support. We can also provide on-site support teams. 

On-premise option

Our ARINC cMUSE on-premise solution uses the same technology, simplified configuration and support tools as the cloud-based platform to enable efficient implementation.