As the number of travelers continues to soar every year, moving passengers and their bags through the check-in quickly and efficiently is more critical than it’s ever been for airport and airline operations. ARINC SelfDrop allows them to check, tag and dispatch their own luggage in less than a minute, reducing queues and increasing terminal throughput.

Whether it’s refit or retrofit, one-step, or two-step, common-use or dedicated, our bag drop solutions improve the passenger experience and streamline airport operations while decreasing costs. One agent can supervise multiple bag drops, leaving others to focus on passengers who need extra attention.

SelfDrop is capable of taking secure payments for ancillary revenue generation and is biometrically enabled for a seamless, paperless passenger journey. With decades of experience in integrating to airline systems and a long list of airlines already supported, SelfDrop can be up and running with minimal fuss.

Benefits for airports

  • Reduces queues with faster processing
  • Improves space utilization and capacity throughput
  • Enhances passenger experience with true self-service
  • Increases passenger dwell time and subsequent revenue spend
  • Reduces complexity and IT infrastructure with high-availability cloud technology
  • Seamless integrates with existing infrastructure

Benefits for airlines

  • Provides passengers with more control of their journey
  • One agent can supervise multiple bag drops
  • Revenue generation with secure payment processing for baggage fees and ancillary services
  • Extensive airline integration experience enables fast and straightforward installation
  • Reporting and changes applied across entire network from one site

Three Options To Fit Your Needs

Fc Series - Multi-functional Kiosk for Check-in and Bag Drop

The versatile FC Series design has been installed in airports around the globe to perform a variety of self-service functions. Not only can it provide a comprehensive one-step solution for passengers to tag and dispatch their own bags, but it can also be used as the first step of a two-step process to quickly weigh and tag bags. It can even be configured as a CUSS-compliant self-service check-in kiosk.

M Series - Overhead Option for Easy Retrofitting of Existing Infrastructure

The cost-effective M Series design is a simplified solution that is ideal for retrofitting to existing airport infrastructure. With a compact overhead design and custom made archway, the M Series is the ultimate space-saving bag drop solution for any terminal. While primarily utilized as the second step of a two-step bag drop process, the M Series can also be configured as a one-step solution, allowing passengers to print boarding passes and bag tags before dispatching their bags. 

R Series - Advanced Technology for New Terminals

The state-of-the-art R Series is an ergonomic bag drop designed for new airports or terminals that are refreshing their infrastructure. It combines modern architecture with cutting edge technology, to future-proof both the terminal and the passenger journey. The dimensions of the bag drop, with side-loading and a low height conveyor belt, create the ideal environment for passengers to easily and comfortably drop their bags. The ability to configure the units in a back-to-back layout makes the most of the floor space while providing ample room for passengers to tag and dispatch their bags.

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