The enterprise landscape is evolving at a fast pace, and the pressure to introduce new technologies into your IT environment has never been greater.

Managing maintenance costs, vendor requirements and system stability demands time and expertise in order to maximize productivity and minimize downtime and delays.

Collins Aerospace’s ARINC Managed Services (AMS) can help reduce support costs while optimizing your resources. Managing the IT demands and complexities that arise every day, we provide proactive management and rapid response backed by SLAs.

Our expert assistance, tools and technologies, and 24/7 global support strengthen your ability to keep your IT users up and running, helping operations run seamlessly.

Airport technology

Airports are complex environments with unique challenges that require IT management with specific knowledge, wide-ranging capabilities and versatile services to operate at peak efficiency. As a provider of ARINC airports technology and managed IT services, Collins Aerospace understands the challenges airport IT managers face every day.

Single-source provider

Whether you need to outsource your IT support or simply augment your staff, ARINC Managed Services’ (AMS) IT system maintenance services provide the flexibility, reliability, and expertise to shape the best solution for your operations. As a single-source provider, we’ll also reduce the huge drain on time and resources that multiple service providers create.

Reliable Support

ARINC Managed Services’ (AMS) ITIL-based Service Desk, a 24x7 support center for customers in over 85 countries, is a one-stop resource for all business processes involved in maintaining IT systems. We’ve built our name on the responsiveness, reliability, and expertise of our superior service desk.

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