Our SCi-Discover solution gathers linear asset data from multiple sources and correlates the data by location and time. This enables rail infrastructure decision makers to plan more effectively, saving time and cost.

SCi-Discover enables secure storage of geospatial data along the right-of-way of a rail line for access to drawings, schematics, manuals, maintenance procedures, videos and photos associated with equipment and structures. These datasets can assist personnel by providing the information needed for routine maintenance or emergency repairs.

With SCi-Discover, rail personnel can track railway asset maintenance or service status and receive warnings of repairs needed before failures occur. When a repair is needed, drawings and bills of the materials can be made readily available to enable a faster return to service.

Features and benefits

  • Enables cross-organizational sharing of information
  • Assists leadership with critical decisions
  • Warns of potential repairs before failure
  • Limits disaster recovery time


Equipment Reliability
Our equipment has historically low failure rates

Equipment Versatility
Ability to reconfigure or repurpose equipment gives it more value

Team Efficiency
An optimal maintenance plan uses your team’s time wisely

Data Accessibility
Digital access to the most recent content information ensures efficient use of time

Data Mobility
Field access to content ensures your team has the information they need, when they need it
Fault Identity
Access to all content information enables team members to stay informed enough to identify fault locations

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