Customer Information Systems

Collins Aerospace predictive arrival/departure systems deliver a seamless passenger experience while enabling operations to flow smoothly. Using advanced train location and scheduling, along with our Advanced Customer Information System (A-CIS), the busiest railroads are able to provide real-time information updates and deliver millions of passengers a day.

A-CIS key benefits


Collins has decades of experience implementing interface protocols for large and small passenger railroads. Our A-CIS is a scalable integrated enterprise system that supports public announcement (PA) and visual message systems (VMS). Our A-CIS provides a user-friendly interface for office operations, such as dispatch, scheduling and real time vehicle locations and other related subsystems. Our solution can also interface with multiple third party solutions to enhance your operations, including:

  • Web applications
  • 3rd-party CAD/train control
  • Schedule software
  • SCADA interfaces
  • Signs
  • Other railroads
  • Situational awareness

    Providing timely information for maintenance, dispatch and customer service personnel enables railroads to reduce or respond quickly to outages. Collins A-CIS web-based graphical user interface (GUI) is flexible and easy-to-use. Operators can efficiently manage how and what is displayed on the visual messaging signs, so they can provide passengers with timely, reliable information. Our A-CIS provides equipment status alarms to quickly alert operators of system issues before the problem escalates. Collins experienced technicians and engineers monitor the servers for impending failures, offering a professional preventative service.

    Passenger ridership

    Our A-CIS solution uses advanced technology to enhance system usage. This holistic view saves time and costs by helping railroads know the status of operational systems and support the timely status of equipment and performance issues. A-CIS is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliant.


    Cybersecurity solutions are tailored to each railroad, as every organization has different security needs. Cyber hardening of our systems reduces the probability of threats from malware, software vulnerabilities and outside attacks into the operational environment. Collins agile development capabilities enable our fast response to rapidly evolving threats.