Live Virtual Constructive Blended Test And Training

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LVC blended test and training links live platforms with manned simulators in virtual environments that can add constructive forces. A blended LVC environment enables the training participant – whether in a live aircraft or a simulator – to interact seamlessly, improving overall training effectiveness. With fifth-generation aircraft, battlespace complexities, security considerations and evolving operational tactics, effective training in some scenarios is not possible using a wholly live or virtual environment.

Live and blended solutions

Joint Secure Air combat training System (JSAS) brings Multi-Level Security (MLS) encryption solutions to the CRIIS and TCTS Inc II programs.   

Synthetic blended solutions

Collins Aerospace has developed and supports a wide range of integrated high fidelity Training Solutions within the virtual and constructive domains.
Flying planes with network connections

Cybersecurity & networked operations

Collins Aerospace has delivered centralized Cyber site management, intrusion detection and defense.  Our Cyber Security Operations Centers operate 24/7/365 for clients