Missile launching

For over 40 years, Collins Aerospace has provided proven high-performance missile actuation capabilities in arduous environments. Our experience designing and manufacturing electro-mechanical missile control actuation systems integrates our motors, electronics and actuators within compact space envelopes. This enables low-cost, high-volume production with a rate ready supply chain and custom automated test equipment to validate every unit’s performance.

We offer control actuation systems (CAS) and thrust vector actuation (TVA) for a variety of missile applications. Our experienced engineers have a strong pedigree in developing high-quality missile actuation solutions designed for any mission.

Our integrated missile CAS sections include:

  • Speed reducer mechanisms
  • Electric motors
  • Thermal batteries
  • Full digital control
  • Power and control electronics
  • Integrated structure
  • Fins/locks
  • Backlash-reducing mechanisms to accommodate wear