Sixth-Generation Fighter

More intelligent, open, autonomous and secure

6th gen fighter concept

Next-generation fighter platforms and the future of air dominance will face more challenges than ever before, including a complex international security environment and rapidly evolving technologies. There is an overarching need to connect and integrate multiple domains, forces and platforms across disparate environments. Reliable and secure connectivity will be critical.

Collins Aerospace is focused on reducing development cycle times allowing more rapid fielding of crucially needed capabilities. With our extensive experience in developing and integrating military and commercial cockpits, we closely align our investment and research roadmaps with the changing needs of our customers.

Next-generation operator technologies

  • Advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Pilot-Vehicle Interface (PVI) prototyping and development
  • Evolutionary Head-worn display (HWD) and helmet mounted display (HMD) technologies
  • Real-time information exchange to improve team-based survivability and provide increased shared situational awareness


  • Optionally/optimally piloted vehicles reducing pilot or operator workload
  • Reliable communications enabling better cooperation and control of manned/unmanned teaming arrangements
  • Multiple data sources to aid in determining appropriate maneuvers, understanding constraints to mission completion
  • Flight autonomy applications

Open systems architecture

  • Hardware and software built on open standards include FACE, OSA, MOSA, SOSA and more
  • Understanding and involvement in the technical and business strategies to provide systems that can be supported by Collins Aerospace as well as third-party embedded system providers

Rapid prototyping

  • Quickly design and develop scale models using modeling, simulation and other rapid prototyping techniques
  • Rapid deployment of capabilities to analysis and test cycles
  • Incorporating advanced technologies via tech insertions or as apps


  • Proven cross-domain security solutions allowing communication between two or more security domains
  • Information security to protect confidential or sensitive information
  • Resiliency to continuously protect and deliver information, despite adverse cyber events
  • Intrusion detection of malicious activity

Advanced engineering capabilities

  • DevSecOps
  • Digital engineering
  • Agile development
  • Digital twin/digital thread
  • 3rd party app integration
  • Tool kits
  • Advanced SW development for AI and cyber
  • Optimized pilot/crew workload efforts