New or upgrade, single component to turnkey system, we have a long history of supporting fighters and bombers around the world with affordable, next-generation avionics and aerostructures. Our unique, balanced mix of key military and commercial avionics technologies enables us to design and build proven solutions that meet both military and civil airspace requirements and include:

Far surpass your current capabilities with cutting-edge, affordable fighter and bomber solutions from Collins Aerospace.


Key aerostructure products include:

  • Nacelles and struts (inlets, fan cowls, thrust reversers, exhausts, engine/systems build up)
    • Our nacelles and struts are on every B-52 variant produced to date. We also supported the USAF with its two largest re-engine programs- the C5 and KC-135, along with nacelles for the KC-390.
  • Doors (flight crew, cargo, landing gear, utility ramps)
    • We produce innovative, durable GRID-LOCK® landing gear door structures for the F-16 and A-10
  • Flight-controls (ailerons, flaps, slats, spoilers, rudders and horizontal stablizers/elevators)
    • We have provided over 20,000 GRID-LOCK® flight control surfaces on the F-15 over the last 20 years and have developed a Resin Pressurized Molded (RPM) horizontal stabilator for the F-16
  • Advanced materials including acoustic structures, thermoplastics, out-of-autoclave composites, high temperature composites and metallics, and additive manufacturing
    • We developed and manufactured extremely lightweight, durable titanium Liquid Interface Diffusion (LID) Bonded engine bay doors and keel panels for the F-22


KC-135 refueling an F-22 Raptor


Modernized military communication systems and providing advanced effectiveness and mission-critical capabilities. Collins Aerospace is a world leader in secure UHF/VHF radio systems, advanced tactical and training datalinks, and fully integrated control solutions. 


Flight control surfaces

We’re here to deliver solutions that help our customers reach the battlefield faster. We incorporate lighter weight materials, reduce maintenance time and costs wherever possible. Various levels of material application using resin pressurized molding, thermoplastics and our patented metallic GRIDLOCK® solutions are also used.

HDD technologies

An industry leader in advanced multi-function and large format displays. a full range of sizes and configurations for forward fit or retrofit solutions.

Head Down Displays

High-temperature solutions

For acoustic and non-acoustic configurations that perform at temperatures and environments beyond the capability of traditional composite and metallic materials, we offer a wide breadth of solutions:

  • Vacuum Super Plastic Forming (VSPF) and Liquid Interface Diffusion (LID) titanium structures (LIDBond™)
  • BMI composites
  • Polyamide composites
  • Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC)
  • Carbon-Carbon (C-C) Composites

These ultrahigh performance materials and processes enable a wider range of products in the defense industry such as rocket motor cases, next generation flight and propulsive structures, and hypersonic vehicles.


Industry leading HMD technology providing the most capable situational awareness with intuitive access to tactical, flight, and sensor information

Helmet Mounted Displays

Mission computing & networks

With advanced mission computing, network data management and video switching functions, our cost-effective onboard computers are readily scalable for additional applications. The Collins Aerospace Assured Multi-Core product line is bringing certified multi-core processing to operators today, with a foundation on open system architectures and resource management.

Computing And Networks

Nacelles and struts

Our nacelles and struts are on every B-52 variant produced to date. We also supported the USAF with its two largest re-engine programs- the C-5 and KC-135. We offer industry-leading nacelle and strut technology that can improve aircraft speed and altitude, while minimizing weight and fuel burn. Additionally, with our latest acoustic technologies, we can help support meeting acceptable noise  requirements. Our expertise is in helping customers achieve mission success and we can do so with either build to print or design to build products. You can find more of our nacelle and strut technology on C-130s, and KC-390s among others.

Read more about our work on the B-52

Software applications

FACE™ Conformant Certified software products built on open architecture to maximize affordability and portability across different platforms.

Software Applications


A wide range of flexible, high reliability navigation and guidance solutions that balance size, weight, power and cost to best meet your airborne mission requirements.


Simulation and training

High fidelity integrated simulation solutions to give you the safest, most realistic high consequence activity training and enhance mission effectiveness for fast jet aviators.

Simulation And Training


Service and support

Our customizable service programs put your focus on the mission. Create your own tailored solutions with guaranteed availability, increased mission readiness and reduced life-cycle cost.

Service Solutions

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