Launching weapons in the volatile environment of war requires rapid start-up and high accuracy for quick, confident decision-making. These key elements translate to productive and safe mission completion. Collins Aerospace developed NavStrike™ to meet your mission needs and provide proven, reliable precision guidance on the battlespace.

The NavStrike is the latest addition to the proven family of Collins munitions receivers. Available with 24-channel all-in-view navigation that is backward compatible with the prior version, the munitions GPS card offers high performance for tightly coupled GPS/INS (Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System) integrations. The NavStrike's low cost, small size, high accuracy and high reliability are key to mission success in missile and munition applications.

Features & benefits

  • Fifth-generation SAASM-based design
  • Dual- or single-frequency (L1/L2) tracking
  • Enhanced Direct-Y code acquisition/cold start
  • All-in-view tracking and navigation
  • No need for active antenna electronics
  • Field-reprogrammable software
  • Designed for high-g vibration and shock
  • High-speed serial interface
  • SAASM extended functions including black-key
  • Field clock recalibration for extended storage
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