The MPE-S Type II is smaller and lighter than its predecessor MPE-S, yet retains all functionality and is fully backward compatible. MPE-S Type II is based on the Collins Aerospace Selective Availability/Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM), which encapsulates all classified data and signal processing into one tamper-proof module, increasing the security of the MPE-S Type II. SAASM also provides jamming and spoofing protection for US and allied forces operating in hostile environments. The MPE-S is the US Army Standard Embedded GPS Receiver for the Ground-Based GPS Receiver Application Module (GB-GRAM) program. It is intended for use in multiple DoD, federal civilian and foreign military sales platforms requiring real-time precise GPS data. The small size and features of the GB-GRAM standard make it attractive for Command, Control, Computers, Communication and Information (C4I) equipment, vehicles and other system platforms seeking to integrate a robust secure GPS capability.
  • Unmatched military GPS legacy of Collins
  • US Army standard embedded small serial interface form factor GPS receiver
  • 12-channel continuous satellite tracking for true all-in-view operation
  • SAASM security
  • Very low power consumption
  • Simultaneous L1 and L2 dual frequency GPS signal reception
  • Cold start without time, position or almanac in less than 110 seconds from complete OFF
  • Extended performance in a jamming environment: 41 dB J/S while tracking, 24 dB J/S during initial satellite acquisition
  • Next-generation KDP-4 (key data processor) security architecture
  • Unclassified-when-keyed operation
  • Black key capable, for over-the-air-rekeying
  • Receiver application software field reprogrammable
  • Advanced correlator engine for accelerated direct-Y code acquisition
  • User setup of units datums and coordinate formats
  • Area navigation with waypoint storage
  • Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring
  • High reliability with MTBF >60,000 hours (calculated)
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