Micro GPS Receiver Application Module (MicroGRAM)

The world's smallest, lightest, lowest powered SAASM-based embedded GPS receiver for soldier and micro-applications

Missions and lives depend on warfighters' ability to find their way in unfamiliar, unpredictable territory. Not only do they need to know where they are, but warfighters also need an awareness of the participants and movements within their mission. With MicroGRAM, your forces carry these critical capabilities and more.

No other SAASM-based, embedded GPS receiver is as small, light or power efficient as MicroGRAM. Add to that its secure, precise location and positioning capabilities and MicroGRAM is ideal for size-constrained military micro-applications. It assists your forces with tactical communications, field computing and unmanned aircraft operating in a GPS-denied or -challenged environment.

Features & benefits

  • Military encrypted GPS, assured PNT (Position, Navigation & Timing) in challenged environments
  • Very small 1.0” x 1.25” x 0.275” maximum (25.4 mm x 31.75 mm x 7 mm), enables micro users to host secure, military GPS
  • Lightweight (0.25 oz., 7 gm) 5x weight reduction for constrained platforms and applications
  • Low power usage (<0.5 watts typical) 2x less power consumption than competitor military GPS receivers

Key specifications

DynamicsVelocity: 1,200 m/sec maximum
Acceleration: 9 g maximum
Time accuracy100 nanoseconds
Position accuracyDGPS: <2 meters CEP
  Wage<4 meters CEP
 PPS<12 meters CEP
Acquisition timen timeTTFF (95%): <10 sec hot start, 90 sec warm start
 TTSF (95%): <20 sec (Off or Stby <15 min)
 TTSF (95%): <55 sec (Off or Stby <60 min)
Velocity accuracy0.4 m/sec steady rate (3D 95%)
Coordinate system 8 predefined
Datums260 predefined, 6 user defined
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