Arm your soldiers with the world’s most advanced, ergonomically correct Head/Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) – the MV35XC from Collins Aerospace. With remote viewing of any composite and RGB device, soldiers have instant access to video sights, computers, maps, GPS and other data to keep them safe and informed.

A MicroViewer with a 35 degree field of view, the MV35XC allows the soldier to view it as a dashboard style display so they can keep both eyes on the battlefield while periodically viewing critical combat information in the HMD. 

Features & benefits

  • Currently in operational use
  • High-resolution 600- to 800-SVGA screen
  • Fully ruggedized product based on a battle-tested design
  • Gives soldier instant situational awareness; helps to prevent distractions
    • Accepts RGB and NTSC imagery for a variety of sensors, maps and data
    • Serves as a connecting point between the soldier and the battlefield
    • Offers mounting to either the helmet or the eyewear

Learn more about our Service Solutions

Whether you need a spare to keep your aircraft flying or would like enhanced functionality on an existing product, Collins Aerospace offers extensive parts and repair services to meet your mission requirements and keep your equipment operational. We can provide new or used parts, engineering services or tailored performance based programs to support your mission requirements.
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