RT-2071C Secure CDL ISR SCISR Radio

Advanced connectivity

Collins Aerospace SCISR communications radios are leading the way in radio communication technology. Reliable, secure and cutting-edge communication is key to your success in today’s advanced battlespace and for reassurance in future conflicts. The RT-2071(C) SCISR communications radio is the latest and most capable software-defined radio receiver-transmitter.

Enhancing warfighter capabilities, today and in the future, the RT-2071(C) SCISR radio offers advanced connectivity to transmit your mission critical data. The user-friendly application ensures ease-of-use in critical situations. You can rely on the radio data transfer connections to be swift and secure, giving you the edge that you need to succeed. Having secure data transfer will improve the effectiveness of every mission.

Features & benefits

  • Type-1 NSA certified
  • BE-CDL Rev B compliant
  • Enables proven, fully secure communication
  • Small form factor, three-channel, multi-band software-defined radio
  • Supports high-bandwidth connectivity for imagery and full-motion video
  • Low cost, size, weight and power (SWaP)
  • Non-proprietary interfaces
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