TruNet™ AR-1500

Next-generation, airborne software defined radio evolving from the proven Talon and ARC-210 non-COMSEC family of radios

The TruNet™ AR-1500 (international version) networked communications airborne radio is the latest and most capable fully exportable software defined radio receiver-transmitter.

This single-channel radio evolved from our proven AN/ARC-210/Talon advanced communication technologies. It is part of the TruNet networked communications solution family, which includes ground and handheld radios, advanced networking waveforms, apps, ancillaries and services.

The AR-1500's adaptability offers country-unique capabilities while conforming to the latest software defined radio tenets and architectures. TruNet is the first solution to ensure secure connectivity between ground and airborne elements across the entire battlespace.


TruNet AR-1500 networked communications airborne radio

Features & benefits

  • Enables proven, fully secure communication
  • Matches form fit with ARC-210 family of products
  • Interoperable with Collins Aerospace and non-Collins Aerospace V/UHF radio systems for cost savings
  • Delivers critical, high-speed, ad hoc networked communications between fast movers and mobile ground forces increasing mission effectiveness and safety
  • Enables software/network management; easily configurable to a variety of missions
  • Fully software programmable, flexible and configurable, to cost-effectively meet future needs
  • Enables independent, SCA-compliant waveform development for customizability to customer- and country-specific requirements
  • Part of the TruNet networked communications solution family that offers the most advanced software defined radio technology available