TWR-850/WXR-840 Weather Radar Systems


Unprecedented radar performance is now available with the Collins TWR-850/ WXR-840/WXR-800 Weather Radar Systems. State-of-the-art electronic and computer technologies provide operational convenience and features previously available only to large air transport aircraft. Now, the small size and light weight of the TWR-850/WXR-840/WXR-800 make these radars the choice for the rest of the turbine-powered fleet. In addition, the solid-state transmitter improves reliability and eliminates one of the most troublesome components of conventional weather radar - the magnetron vacuum tube. In addition to the expected function of detecting precipitation, the TWR-850 also detects accompanying turbulence by using Doppler frequency shift. This technological advancement is made possible by the availability of transmitters with extremely high frequency stability and powerful digital signal processing capabilities.
  • Advanced Doppler-based turbulence and weather detection for faster, better quality weather analysis
  • Solid-state transmitter provides higher reliability (no magnetron burnout) and allows optimum pulse width for all ranges and modes
  • Supersensitive coherent receiver architecture with bandwidth optimized for each transmitter pulse width
  • Virtually eliminates personnel radiation hazard of conventional radars
  • Ground clutter suppression mode enhances weather returns by minimizing ground returns using Doppler processing
  • Dual control capability that gives independently selectable range, mode and tilt for pilot and copilot
  • Auto tilt reduces pilot workload by automatically readjusting antenna tilt after a range or altitude change
  • Automatic picture rotation capable during aircraft turns keeps a clear weather picture at all times; no waiting for a scan update
  • Path Attenuation and Correction (PAC) accurately displays weather behind intervening storms warns of attenuated areas (radar shadow)
  • Sector scan provides rapid picture updates by reducing scan angle to ± 30°