Most CNS/ATM upgrades.
Least risk.

C-130 AMP Inc. 2 - Saving over $1 billion in life-cycle costs.

There are many reasons why customers turn to Collins Aerospace, the trusted and worldwide leader in CNS/ATM upgrades, for their current and future airspace access needs:


  • Today, over 370 C-130 aircraft have been modified, or are on contract to be modified, with our proven next generation Flight2™ integrated avionics system.
  • More C-130 modifications have been fitted with Collins Flight2 than by any other solution or provider in the world.
  • In addition to our C-130 expertise, Collins has been the prime Integrator for 419 C/KC-135s and 59 KC-10s, all with Flight2 systems.
  • Collins Aerospace has delivered Flight2 solutions for over 3,000 aircraft to date, including both fixed wing and rotary wing platforms

Certified and qualified:

  • Flight2 is certified by the USAF process through MiL Handbook 516.
  • Flight2 is qualified to the Military Standards, such as Mil Standard 810, so it’s ready for the harshest environments, like the polar regions and desert locations.

On-time, on-budget and flying today in the USAF:

  • Look no further than the USAF’s inventory of EC-130Hs, KC-135s and KC-10s, each delivered on-time and on-budget, to see Collins Aerospace's trusted Flight2 system flying today.
Play video: C-130 upgrades - Real solutions. Real results. Real experience.

Play video: C-130 Modernization - Lt. Gen. Rusty Findley’s Perspectives

More information

Contact us for a demonstration or more information about how we can help with your C-130 upgrades.

Experience you can count on

Featuring our Flight2 solution, Collins Aerospace has modified more C-130s than any other provider in the world. Some of these include:

USAF C-130 Avionics Modernization Program(AMP)

  • 176 USAF C-130H aircraft on contract
  • Replace over 100+ analog instruments
  • 7 multifunction displays (MFDs)
  • 3 control display units (CDUs)
  • Digital Autopilot

Portugal C-130

  • 4 aircraft on contract
  • 3 CDU-7000 FMS
  • 5 6x8 displays and EIDS
  • APS-7000 Autopilot Avionics Integrator

Indonesia C-130

  • 7 aircraft, on contract
  • 3 CDU-7000 FMS
  • 5 6x8 displays and EIDS, Autopilot, Wx Radar, Avionics Integrator

French C-130

  • 14 aircraft on contract
  • 3 CDU-7000 FMS
  • 5 6x8 displays with EIDS, Autopilot, Wx Radar, Avionics Integrator

Pakistan C-130

  • 16 aircraft on contract
  • 3 CDU-7000 FMS
  • 5 6x8 displays with EIDS, Autopilot, Wx Radar, Avionics Integrator, A-kit

Customer upgrade success stories

Every few months, we will add a new customer success story to this area. Click on each story to learn more about our leadership, reliability and cost effective solutions to support our customers' needs.

Readying a fleet for missions in the global airspace

Collins Aerospace provides the USCG a fully compliant CNS/ATM solution, while addressing critical obsolescence issues by leveraging our long history of avionics integrations on a variety of commercial and military aircraft.

On-time, on-budget Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) upgrade makes KC-135 operational for global airspace

With the award of GATM, Collins Aerospace developed, manufactured, integrated and installed a fully compliant GATM solution that meets airspace mandates while addressing critical obsolescence issues.

Play video: Collins Aerospace Flight 2 Avionics Management System


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