Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) and Enhanced Vision System (EVS)

See through the worst conditions to ensure mission success

Whether it’s a nighttime operation or low visibility in adverse weather conditions, tactical airlift and special operations missions are always no-fail. Our HGS with enhanced vision gives you the power and assurance of unprecedented situational and terrain awareness. Collins Aerospace is now actively certifying aircraft types to descend below DA/DH approach minima when EVS is displayed on a forward mounted HGS. Certification for the C-130J is expected starting in 2020, with final FAA Landing guidance per 14 CVR 91.176 (a)/(b) for EFVS-I and EVFS-II planned mid-2021.


The Collins Aerospace HGS provides a seamless replacement for analog Head-up Displays (HUD) without the need for special modifications. Its real-time, eyes-forward capabilities improve safety by increasing pilot awareness of airplane state and stability, enabling precise tactical approaches and low visibility operations. The new digital HGS-6500 will be available for C-130J operators starting in early 2020.


When paired with the HGS, the EVS-3600 provides a host of additional benefits:

  • Blended tri-band short-wave infrared, long-wave infrared and visible high-resolution camera to detect LED landing airfield/aircraft lights that night vision goggles cannot
  • Provides earliest possible detection of objective areas such as drop zones in low visibility and nighttime operations
  • Enables night operations for aerial firefighting aircraft
  • Enhances formation operations and air refueling through early detection of wingman/receiver aircraft
  • Reduces maintenance costs with more precise landing
  • Decreases operating costs with potential for fewer go-arounds and diverted missions
  • Enables aircraft to use lower operating minima through new EFVS regulations regardless of airport equipment, increasing mission completion rates
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