B-52 Nacelles & Struts

Extending the power of a legend

Image courtesy of www.af.mil

The B-52 Stratofortress – the American long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber most trusted and relied upon by the United States Air Force. When called to action – from the Cold War and the Vietnam War, to Desert Storm and the Global War on Terror – this legendary bomber has always and will continue to deliver on its promises.

And so do we.

The B-52 has been supporting the U.S. Air Force for nearly 70 years and we’ve been there every step of the way. Beginning with the first B-52A in the early 1950s, our support has included a full underwing nacelle system, comprised of struts, engine mounts, engine build-up, the aft fuselage and external underwing fuel tanks, which are still found on the latest B-52H variant.

With new engines come new nacelles and struts

We stand ready to outfit the bomber’s new engines under the B-52 Commercial Engine Replacement Program (CERP) with nacelles and struts that are more efficient, optimize air flow and can yield greater value to the Air Force, as proven on many of our commercial designs. And as an additional benefit, nacelle and strut planned maintenance for the life of the aircraft is reduced.

Commercial, complex, contour design

No one knows B-52 nacelles and struts better than we do. Our products have been on every B-52 variant to date, producing 5,952 nacelles and 2,796 struts over the years. We understand the complexity of the contoured sheet metal nacelle and how to fully integrate it underwing with the engine. Every detail matters.

Our engineering and manufacturing teams are exceptionally experienced in large metal fabrication and assembly. And in fact, one of our manufacturing plants is recognized by Industry Week Magazine as one of the best plants in North America.

While complex, our nacelles and struts are second to none and will extend the life of the iconic B-52 for years to come.

More experience than anyone

We’re proud of our nearly 70-year history supporting the B-52 bomber. Our proven designs and on-time delivery rates have demonstrated maximum fleet readiness, for not only military aircraft, but also commercial and business jet aviation.

B-52 in flight
B-52 "power packages" on display
B-52 aft fuselage assembly
B-52 aft fuselage during assembly
B-52 aft fuselage assembly line
B-52 aft fuselage assembly ready for shipment
B-52 external underwing fuel tank

In fact, re-engine programs are not new to us; we’ve supported the U.S. Air Force with its two largest re-engine programs, the C-5 and KC-135. The C-5M required more powerful and reliable engines and we were there to support the program by providing the inlet, fan cowl and core cowl. We also designed and manufactured the new struts required for the C-5M. Likewise, for the KC-135, we manufactured the inlet and fan cowl for approximately 425 re-engine kits.

Our strength is in aerostructures. We’ve been manufacturing aerostructure components for 80 years. Over the last decade, our team has supported over 50 programs and we’ve been certified on 18 programs. Our on-time delivery performance is best-in-class and includes a sustained and astonishing on-time-delivery rate of 99% on the Boeing 787.

The B-52 is an American legend. It’s big, strong and persistent. And only Collins Aerospace has the nacelle and strut knowledge and experience to extend its power into the future.


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