NavFire™ GPS receiver

The world's smallest, lowest power, G-hardened, SAASM-based GPS receiver with integrated two-channel anti-jam.

Launching weapons safely and accurately in today's unpredictable battlespace is critical for your mission success. It's why we developed the NavFire™ GPS receiver.

NavFire is a 24-channel, dual-frequency, all-in-view receiver. It can operate either as a stand-alone system or integrated with an Inertial Navigation System (INS).

Powered by the latest technology, NavFire gives your forces enhanced, Direct-Y acquisition. Its built-in digital nulling provides high jamming immunity (>86 dB J/S while tracking) and fast initial acquisition.

Big features. Small size. Choose NavFire when you want the smallest integrated military GPS and anti-jam system in the proven family of Collins Aerospace gun-hardened GPS receivers for weapons.

Features & Benefits

  • Military encrypted GPS - Assured PNT (Position, Navigation & Timing) in challenged environments
  • Small size (40 mm) - Enables small weapons & artillery to host secure, military GPS
  • Artillery/gun hardened (25,000 G shock) - Suitable for gun launched artillery weapon systems
  • Fully integrated digital anti-jam electronics (>86 dB J/S while tracking) - Superior jamming immunity in severe GPS-challenged environments
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