The Mission Flight Management Software (MFMS-1000) provides global civil airspace access with seamless integration of existing mission flight management capabilities in a portable software only solution. 

Add missionized civil airspace navigation capabilities with the MFMS-1000 by Collins Aerospace. Its design maximizes affordability and portability across disparate aircraft platforms while minimizing the time it takes to field worldwide RNP RNAV flight procedure capabilities.
The MFMS-1000 forms the core of an advanced flight management capability that is easily customized through its open architecture interfaces.  These application programming interfaces, along with our pre-built and verified capabilities options allow the MFMS-1000's navigation, flight plan management, and guidance capabilities to be seamlessly integrated with existing mission systems and functions.

Features & benefits

  • Seamless, global interoperability between civil and mission airspace – reducing pilot workload and training
  • Affordable configurability across fixed-, rotary- and tilt-wing platforms, as well as unmanned aircraft and associated ground stations
  • Low risk – ready to integrate now, with support artifacts
  • Open architecture design, enabling customer-driven enhancements or replacement
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