JSAS provides the first certified, four-level Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) test and training equipment in both airborne and ground equipment, allowing for tethered and autonomous operations. MILS provides secure interoperability between 5th-Gen and 4th-Gen aircraft, bringing significant test and training benefit to all participants in a simulated, high-threat combat environment. Further, JSAS supports LVC test and training now.

Features & benefits

Unmatched operational realism

Blends synthetic elements with live participants to realistically simulate highly congested and contested combat situations

  • Full-fidelity threat and weapon simulations for Department of Defense and NATO weapon types
  • Real-time kill notification and removal with real-time RTO adjudication
  • Reconfigurable in flight for effective test and training in less time
  • Securely integrates with aircraft data bus/operational flight program to present realistic and real-time threats to the aircrew
  • 5x more network capacity than existing air combat test and training systems, in the same bandwidth – more live players and excess capacity for LVC traffic
  • JSAS incorporates advanced systems and algorithms to operate effectively in a GPS degraded or denied environment

Future ready

Not only is JSAS real, certified and operating on ranges today, it’s also designed to advance as your future test and training needs change

  • Leverages newly developed security and data-link technologies with decades of air combat test and training expertise
  • Overcomes limitations in live threats and test and training infrastructure
  • Provides rapid test and training response to emerging missions and threats
  • Open architecture simplifies obsolescence management and future upgrades with new technologies and lends itself to interfacing with a variety of debrief and live monitoring software systems

A Partnership That Multiplies Your Test and Training Advantages

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Collins Aerospace and DRS Training & Control Systems have teamed up for combined expertise that spans the entire air-combat test and training spectrum. Let us show you how JSAS can elevate your test and training operations.

  • Takes advantage of more than $300 million in technology investment to realize test and training commonality for reduced development and life-cycle costs
  • Expertise in MILS encryption, advanced data links, networking, LVC, simulation systems and ConOps
  • In-depth knowledge of customer needs in the air-combat test and training sphere