More capabilities. Endless possibilities.

As a leader in flight control technology, Collins flight control computers are currently used on thousands of military and commercial rotorcraft worldwide. Now, with Perigon we’re enabling flight control systems integration through a highly configurable solution backed by flexible, high-power computing.

Collins Aerospace Perigon®

Perigon vehicle management computer with the text 'Perigon' overlaid

A new generation of high-power computing

perigon product shot

With up to three high-integrity, multi-core processors, Perigon® can provide 20 times the computing power of our current flight control computers. Opening the door to advanced fly-by-wire control, deeper system integration for space-, weight- and cost-savings, and more ways to reduce pilot workload.

Perigon® gives you maximum flexibility and scalability, combining multiple processor configurations, including options for simplex, duplex and triplex redundancy, and high-power computing with an open-system architecture allowing you to host complex software applications to meet your integration needs now and into the future.

Highly configurable solution

Optimized to meet flight and vehicle control needs, Perigon® is available in a variety of configurations. Our solution offers unparalleled processing power and open architecture facilitating capabilities for hosting complex third-party software and applications. Applications include autonomy, UAV, DVE operation, cybersecurity, fly-by-wire, systems management and more. Perigon® also allows for robust software partitioning and reconfigurable I/O for simple affordable updates addressing vendor lock.

High-power computing

  • 20 times more powerful than our existing flight control computers
  • Up to 3 dissimilar, high-integrity multicore processor cards
  • High-speed digital data transfer
  • Enhanced cross-functionality and streamlined aircraft operations through system integration
  • Potential space and weight savings by reducing electronic boxes on the aircraft

Open architecture

Capability for hosting complex software applications, such as:

  • Autonomy (pilot assist, UAV mode and DVE operation)
  • Flight control
  • Cybersecurity
  • Systems management
  • Prognostic health monitoring
  • Robust software partitioning and reconfigurable I/O for simple, affordable updates to address vendor lock

Flexible configurability

  • Simplex, duplex and triplex redundancy
  • High-power computer
  • Available for new or in-production
  • FAA certifiable to simplify aircraft certification
  • Commercial or military
  • Rotary, fixed wing and beyond