Collins NP2000 system features an Electronic Propeller Control System (EPCS), eight modular composite blades and other modernized components. After decades of flying legacy systems on E-2 and C-130 variants, your crew will notice considerable reduction in vibration and interior noise, as well as a notable improvement in reliability and performance.

NP2000 propeller exploded diagram with the text 'Reduces overall maintenance cost and time by ~50%'

Benefits of upgrading to the NP2000 propeller system

Up to 50% decrease in maintenance costs per flight hour compared to legacy systems

Approximately 20 dB lower airframe noise/vibration, reducing crew fatigue and increasing MTBF of additional aircraft systems

Up to 55% estimated improvement in system reliability, increasing aircraft availability

More than 1 million flight hours, demonstrating operational performance improvement

Up to 50% reduction in propeller maintenance labor hours due to improved reliability and on-wing replacement

Up to 20% greater propeller thrust, shortening heavyweight takeoff by approximately 300 meters

Fly more efficiently

A full Collins NP2000 propeller system upgrade includes two main components: Electronic Propeller Control System (EPCS) and eight composite blades. A partial upgrade consists of only the EPCS. Choosing the full upgrade is recommended, in order to experience all benefits of the system.

The EPCS replaces the mechanical valve housing and the synchrophaser with modern electronic valve housing and electronic propeller controls. Upgrading will remove antiquated mechanical components, the major degraders of the legacy system. The EPCS offers more efficiency and reliability.

Exploded diagram of an NP2000 EPCS full upgrade

Our NP2000 system’s eight composite blades are a modular design, enabling the removal and replacement of individual blades on-wing without removing the entire propeller hub. Upgrading results in significant cost savings per flight hour by reducing maintenance labor hours and increasing aircraft availability. This savings could add up to millions of dollars during the lifetime of your aircraft. Additionally, the entire system can fit into one 463L pallet, offering more cargo space needed for mission success.

NP2000 propeller

System compatibility

Collins has completed more than 130 U.S. and foreign military NP2000 propeller system upgrades.

NP2000 is compatible with the following aircraft and engines:

  • C-130 models (H,T, E)
  • KC-130 models (T,R)
  • CP-140 (P-3)
  • E-2 (C,D)
  • C-2
  • T56-A/-14/-15/-16 engines
  • T56-A-427 and -427A engines
Lockheed P3 with Collins NP2000 propeller system

Continued support

With more than 1,000,000 flight hours, Collins NP2000 propeller system is military qualified and globally operating. Our continued investment and expansion of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) capabilities internationally demonstrates our commitment to fulfilling the needs of our customers and extending the life of their aircraft fleets.