With decades of experience developing advanced interconnect solutions, we’ll help you solve your most challenging cable harnessing needs in elegant and compact packages. Our engineers tailor cable harness designs into inventive configurations to maximize space and weight savings. Used in an extraordinary range of applications, our interconnect systems deliver critical performance while meeting all your requirements and necessary regulations. Learn how Collins Aerospace can solve your needs by exploring our solutions below, and contact us to get started on your project.

Advanced design

We use advanced, computer-aided design tools – including 3-D printing and mockup – to confirm functional fit and develop efficient configurations prior to assembly.


Commercial aerospace solutions

Our engineers have the expertise to deliver harnessing within enclosures where space and weight are limited, where routing is difficult and harnesses must perform at critical flex points for effective operation.

Launching systems

Collins’ fully integrated wiring designs meet critical envelopes and demanding specifications, supporting fleet upgrades while reducing volume and weight. Our mechanical enclosures are designed to meet the EMI, environmental and ergonomic specifications required for military applications.

Marine cable assemblies

To meet the challenging demands of shipboard and submarine environments, our engineers design reliable and inventive solutions for each customer’s needs. Collins offers shipboard command-and-control center assemblies, multi-missile launching systems, harnesses for towed arrays in cruisers and submarines and much more.

Precision munitions

Our interconnect solutions deliver mission-critical performance in a compact package. Using unique connector designs, custom EMI backshells and innovative cable configurations, we’ll provide a custom, highly technical design at an affordable cost. 

Radar systems

Dating back to 1972 with the AWACS program, Collins Aerospace has unmatched experience in radar wiring. We offer unique packaging and connector termination, molding, shielding and braiding capabilities to suit your application – whether for ground-based, mobile, shipboard or airborne radar systems.

UAV avionics

Designing interconnect systems and cable harnesses for compact, lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) requires packaging highly dense wiring packages in the smallest possible envelopes. With over 35 years of experience building these systems, our engineers deliver these compact UAV avionics – custom-designed for each customer’s application.

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