Experience, flexibility and custom design

Combining the strengths of these teams allows us to offer the highest level of design expertise and fabrication solutions across every sector we serve. CIIS capabilities support electrical, mechanical equipment trays and mission racks, as well as the optimal wiring assembly needs for cockpits, cabins and munitions.

Even the most advanced systems depend on reliable wiring and cable assemblies. Collins’ unmatched expertise offers nearly unlimited configurations, customized engineering solutions, space and weight savings, and paths to aircraft certification and supplemental type certifications (STCs).

Proven expertise you can trust

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Customers who need unique and complex wire harnessing or electronic assembly have an option that can deliver world-class engineering and production quality with exceptional cost efciencies.

Collins Aerospace’s Interconnect and Integration Solutions brings the best of everything together in locations across the globe that provide skilled workforces that can take customer technical requirements and meet even the highest-volume production demands on time and on budget.

See what Collins Aerospace can do for your wire harnessing and electronic assembly needs.

The right combination of products and services


Whether you need wire harnessing for individual avionics equipment or across your complete system , our engineers, technicians and support staff work with you to develop a custom solution that meets all FAA, Military or OEM standards. Our capabilities include braiding, molding and fiber optics.

RF cables

Our cables and connectors deliver uncompromising electrical performance for your avionics and data systems. With low signal loss, lightweight and flexible designs, our cables and connectors interface with a variety of applications on board your aircraft.

Specialty cables

With integrated, single cable designs, our specialty cables eliminate the need to purchase multiple components or route separate cables. From simple to complex systems, we meet your need for fber optic, woven cables, data bus, Ethernet, molded and controlled impedance cables

Equipment trays

We specialize in standard ARINC 404 and 600 mounting trays, as well as customized tray and mount solutions. Our trays are available individually or as part of an avionics support package. Collins offers equipment trays and racks to accommodate your system requirements.

Electro-mechanical assemblies

The right size assembly is essential for properly installing avionics and other systems. Our comprehensive approach includes studying existing configurations and researching your equipment to ensure optimal layouts for equipment, display and Electro-Mechanical assemblies.

Cockpit panels and mission racks

Collins has the expertise to meet your cockpit panel and mission rack installation needs – big or small. We leverage robust company resources and processes to provide high quality and streamlined design, testing, fabrication and product qualification to meet the needs of your fight and mission control panel requirements.


Collins in-house engineering support and specialists offer customized integration and design for new products, custom weaving, connectors and backshells. Take advantage of our Computer Aided Design, additive manufacturing for prototypes and our smooth, timely, step-by-step approach to design approval projects for aircraft upgrades, customizable electrical and mechanical solutions, aircraft installation design engineering and FAA STC’s or MIL compliance.

Systems Integration Lab (SIL) / Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE)

For smooth implementation and integration of avionics upgrades, System Integration Labs (SILs) are your cockpit on the ground. Electronic Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) is vital for the mock-up and testing of rocket launch equipment.


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