Our engine systems sensors provide critical measurements of temperature, speed and pressure for flight and engine control systems. Collins Aerospace’s innovative technologies deliver the sensor solutions for clean, efficient, reliable and cost-effective engine operation under the toughest flight conditions.

Beginning over 60 years ago as Rosemount Aerospace, we have the experience to develop solutions for your most challenging engine sensing needs.

  • FADEC Pressure Transducers (DPX)
  • Total Air Temperature Sensors (T2, T25)
  • High Temperature Pressure Sensing (Abs, Diff, Gauge)
  • Aircraft Platinum RTD Temperature (PRT)
  • Thermocouple Type K, N, S Engine Temperature (TGT, EGT)
  • Speed and Torque Sensors (N1, N2, Nfan)

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PW1000G engine sensor

Total air temperature sensors

Total Air Temperature Sensors

  • Heated (electrical, bleed air)
  • Passive unheated
  • Certified for ice crystal operation
  • Environmentally green
  • Various heater powers (e.g., 28VDC, 115VAC)
  • Accuracies of ± 2°C (3.6°F)

Speed and Torque Sensors

Speed & Torque Sensors

  • Shaft, blade and gear measurement
  • Variable reluctance technology
  • Electronic signal conditioning
  • +500°C (932°F)

FADEC and On-Engine Pressure Transducers

FADEC & On-Engine Pressure Transducers

  • Capacitive and strain gauge
  • Digital and analog outputs
  • Gaseous and liquid media
  • ± 0.05% FS accuracy
  • 1000 PSI
  • 125°C (257°F)

Digital pressure transducers

Digital Pressure Transducers (DPX)

  • Straing gauge and capacitive
  • MEMS technology
  • ± 0.05% FS accuracy
  • 5VDC signal conditioning circuitry
  • Custom solutions

High temperature pressure

High Temperature Pressure

  • Core mounted 175°C (347°F)
  • Absolute, differential, or gauge
  • Gaseous or liquid media
  • EMI/noise filtering


Specialty Products

  • Harnesses 750°C (1382°F)
  • Health monitoring systems
  • Configuration plugs
  • Cold junctions
  • Blade erosion coatings
  • Mounting brackets
  • Proximity sensing

Temperature sensors

Temperature Sensors

  • Platinum RTDs
  • Resolution of 0.001°C
  • -260°C to +800°C

Thermocouple sensors

Thermocouple Sensors

  • Variety of TC Types (K, N, S)
  • Temp capability to 1200°C
  • Harnesses 750°C