Our line of 737 Advanced Lavatories are specifically designed with passengers and airlines in mind. Our catalog includes a wide range of lavatory types, such as space saving lavatories to enable cabin optimization or larger lavatory interiors to enhance the passenger experience. From premium cabins to coach class, our Advanced Lavatories include various customization options and are ergonomically engineered, providing passengers with a sense of style and comfort. In addition, our lavatories feature powerful economic and operational benefits.

Innovation Delivered

Working side by side with top OEMs and airlines, we designed the most advanced suite of products available for the 737. Our 737 Advanced Lavatory integrates our agile™ vacuum toilet, SafeLav-CDS® oxygen delivery system and intuitive LED lighting, along with various waste and water components, including faucets and valves. Our extensive lavatory positions and options catalog cater to various airline business models and offer a great level of flexibility to customize the passenger experience.

Advanced Spacewall™ Lavatory

Mid-cabin Spacewall™ lavatory exterior

Providing up to seven additional inches of cabin space, the Advanced Spacewall lavatory, combined with slight cabin modifications, facilitates additional pitch, passenger count or the introduction of a premium economy cabin without sacrificing seat count. This lavatory is ergonomically designed from the ground up to ensure an optimized use of space while providing a welcoming environment for passengers.

Advanced Flat Wall Lavatory

Mid-cabin Flatwall lavatory interior

In-lieu of optimizing the cabin, the Flat Wall lavatory enlarges the available interior space. Taking advantage of the alternate lavatory layout, customers can choose the layout best suited for their onboard experience. This lavatory type offers a more spacious interior with added amenities, including a larger sink, added countertop and over counter task lighting. Alternatively, you can opt for the interior ergonomic benefits of the Spacewall™ lavatory or of the Flat Wall with an added readily accessible emergency storage drawer on the exterior of the lavatory.

Pax Plus Aft Lavatory Galley Complex

Pax Plus lavatory complex

Through our Pax Plus complete, airlines can free cabin space while accommodating passengers’ special needs. The Pax Plus complex incorporates a Collins Aerospace designed galley and two lavatories. This complex reduces overall galley storage and preparation space, reducing the overall galley capacity to accommodate two lavatories. The Pax Plus has optional DOT-compliance, with a foldable partition between the two lavatories, providing extra room for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM).

Retrofit Opportunities

The Advanced Spacewall Lavatory

Our Advanced Lavatories offer unrivaled retrofit opportunities for in-service fleets. With powerful economic and operational benefits, airlines can achieve a return on investment in as little as six to eight months and realize a number of key benefits, including:

  • Additional cabin space enabling an additional 6 passengers in certain configurations
  • Fleet commonality
  • Fully integrated lavatory, including Collins Aerospace advanced components with the latest technology
  • Improved passenger wellness and satisfaction
  • Higher reliability and lower maintenance costs

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