LuxStream is the only service that offers speeds up to 15Mbps globally and 25 Mbps in the United States. And we haven’t stopped with the service; Collins Aerospace will be your only provider for both the service and hardware, offer pricing options to meet your needs and monitors all data flow through our network 24/7/365.

LuxStream Debut

Collins Aerospace and SES launch LuxStream - their new business jet connectivity solution, with the fastest broadband speeds available in the United States.

More Bandwidth Means More Possibilities

LuxStream coverage map

At home or in the office, we’re used to having our phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and other connected devices all going at once without even thinking about it. We want your passengers to have the same experience in the cabin. The higher bandwidth of the LuxStream service enables more users, more devices and more apps used at once. At speeds that make it possible to stream ultra high definition content. As the demand for more data in the cabin continues to grow, LuxStream will help you stay ahead of the curve to meet your passengers' needs.

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