Transform your King Air® flying experience with Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® modernized flight deck. Our Pro Line Fusion King Air aftermarket upgrade option enables owners to simultaneously enhance their flying experience and increase aircraft resale value. Upgrading Pro Line II or Pro Line 21™ with Pro Line Fusion ensures your King Air will have the increased capabilities and situational awareness needed for the modernized airspace.

Features and benefits

  • New STC options for certain King Air models reduce cost and installation downtime, making this upgrade more accessible than ever before
  • A fully loaded package for operation in global modernized airspace: SBAS-capable GNSS, localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) approaches, radius-to-fix (RF) legs and more
  • Three widescreen displays with advanced graphics, configurable windows and touchscreen or point-and-click navigation, including Collins’ high-res synthetic vision with airport dome and extended runway centerlines that utilize mile markers on final approach
  • Create or edit your flight plan with touch-interactive maps, charts, high-res topography, real-time weather overlays, obstacle information and more – all while keeping your eyes forward

Intuitive, Eyes-Forward Touchscreen Control

King Air aerial map screen

Set up your flight plan, review approach or taxi charts, explore beautiful moving maps, weather data and more – all at your fingertips. Plus, organize all of this information with customizable windows and layouts. With 40 percent more primary flight display real estate than other leading retrofits, Pro Line Fusion brings you more flexibility to fly your way.

More Real Estate = More Flexibility to See Your Complete Flight Picture

King Air aerial map screen

Split your PFD and MFD – put everything you need to fly right where you want it

It’s Amazing What Happens When Your Focus Is Forward

King Air aerial map screen

Graphical flight planning uses smartphone and tablet principles so you can navigate with ease

Flight Planning at Your Fingertips

King Air 006 touch screen

Quickly change routing for weather, respond easily to ATC reroutes or enter a holding pattern by simply touching waypoints on the displays. Menus and information appear when you need it.

Need the Quickest Path to the Nearest Airport or IFR Approach?

Touch or Click on It

King Air aerial map screen

By touching the approach feather, you bring up a simple window to confirm your approach and pick your transition

Check Your Work on the Map

King Air aerial map screen

Press "Execute" and you're on your way.

Console Controls That Feel Familiar, Yet Powerful

Pro Line KA350 controls

Console controls can be just as user-friendly as touchscreens. Pro Line Fusion includes memory preset buttons, a QWERTY keypad and radio tuning knobs to make routine tasks easy when you want an alternative to using the touch screen.

Designed for Real Pilots, by Real Pilots

King Air instrument dash

Your most frequently used items are always just one button-press away.

Meet the Mandates and So Much More – Equip Yourself for Efficient Flying in Modern Airspace

King Air typographic aerial view
  • Comply with ADS-B mandates around the globe, including RTCA DO-260B
  • Access LPV approaches for lower minimums to more runways
  • Fly RF legs to access newly published curved paths on arrivals and initial approach segments

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