The VHF-4000 is a product that features state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology, digital audio, a consolidated tuning/data/audio bus and data link communications support (VDL mode 2 and more). In addition to the all digital capabilities the VHF-4000 maintains the interface capabilities that enable it to be your VHF 22 ( ) and VHF 422 upgrade choice.

The VHF-4000 is a digitally controlled radio offering options for 25khz channel spacing as well as 8.33khz channel spacing. As a part of the VHF 4000 family the VHF 4000 E/F provides an extended frequency range to 152.000 mhz. Considerations for military use of frequencies in the extended range have been taken into account to ensure your installation meets all the appropriate requirements.

When all else fails the VHF 4000 ( ) will be there. The VHF 4000 () has an emergency mode that with a single discrete input will channel to 121.5mhz and with direct interface to the headsets you will need nothing else to keep in communications.

Collins Aerospace with it’s long tradition of thinking about the maintenance crew has incorporate a comprehensive self diagnostic like non other in the industry. In the rare case the VHF should fail real time failure status of the VHF 4000 ( ) in just seconds away either through the on board maintenance system or through the controller.

  • Digital tuning signal processing: Provides high-quality voice communications and high reliability.
  • Single set of high-speed ARINC 429 I/O buses: offer tuning, digital audio, maintenance data and software data loading capability.
  • ARINC 429 and CSDB tuning capabilities: Provide a variety of installation options.
  • Reduced size, weight and energy usage: Gain maximum efficiency.
  • New digital audio I/O in addition to analog audio
  • Optional versions available: Choose from 25 kHz channel spacing, 8.33 kHz channel spacing, VDL Mode A and 2 data-link operation.
  • ARINC characteristic 750 data interface: Compatible with CMU-4000 and CMU-900 communication management units.
  • Minimum output power of 18 watts: Provides coverage up to 200 nautical miles.
  • Meets latest DO-160D Change 1 environmental requirements (categories KA RF susceptibility, H emissions, A3 Lightning, TCC1R and SLM vibration)
  • Meets ICAO Annex 10 FM immunity requirements (DO-186A)
  • Internal diagnostic capability: Minimizes time spent on fault diagnosis; fault code readout available on CTL or RTU.
  • Comprehensive maintenance software package: Works with aircraft maintenance computer and service center test software for improved maintainability.
  • Digital receiver and transmitter technology: Minimizes component aging and drift associated with analog circuitry; allows upgrade path to new technologies such as VDL Mode 3 and Mode 4.