The Collins Aerospace Venue cabin management system (CMS) will expertly customize your cabin to fit your life, business and personal preferences — putting all the control at your fingertips. You’ll be able to enjoy the everyday comforts of home and the functionality of your extended office in the air, providing the utmost efficiency and productivity.

Comfort without compromises

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Venue intelligence inside

A tablet graphical user interface (GUI) for a business jet galley

Venue’s graphical user interface (GUI) was developed using consistent human factors concepts to achieve the perfect balance of modern elegance and intuitive, convenient navigation to optimize the user experience. Intelligently designed and flexible, the GUI uses pictures and icons for an attractive, simple and immediately usable interface, regardless of language spoken.

Venue combines ultra-high-definition 4K smart monitors, seamless wireless passenger control options and state-of- the-art touch-control switch technology that supports VIP or standard configurations to provide a brilliant viewing and intuitive user experience that feels like you’re at home. The system’s built-in computing power and agility also make it easy to incorporate future consumer technologies, making Venue more than just a display upgrade – it will be the backbone of your cabin experience for years to come.

Passenger comfort and convenience

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Mobile devices have changed the world, and so too the function of in-flight entertainment. Call or text in flight with our ARINCDirect Wi-Fi app. Move freely through the cabin with wireless technology. Enjoy crystal clear sound and seamless content streaming with intuitive, easy-to-operate controllers.

See below for additional Venue entertainment options – all designed to help you and your passengers feel right at home in the air.

Integrate with supporting services

Collins customers have the power to choose from a selection of supporting services that integrate with the Venue CMS. Venue seamlessly integrates with leading environmental, lighting and entertainment streaming solutions, using customizable control points to create unique passenger experiences. Our products easily interact with numerous other cabin technologies on the market, or other Collins products, such as:

  • Airshow® Moving Maps
  • Stage™ On Demand
  • Tailwind® Satellite TV

Airshow® Moving Maps

There’s a reason that moving maps are the most popular feature of any in-flight entertainment system. Watching the flight progress while identifying geographic locations and scheduled arrival time in real-time is deeply satisfying to travelers of all ages.

Airshow is available with full Venue installation and a standalone option - the ultra-high definition smart monitor with HD Airshow.

Airshow Moving Maps

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Stage™ On Demand

Elegantly streamlining every aspect of on-board content delivery, our Stage™ on demand brings an unrivaled level of luxury to your cabin’s entertainment capabilities. Passengers can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, music, magazines and more on their preferred mobile devices and laptops.

A rich variety of content is refreshed monthly from a web-based menu designed for the flight director’s ease of management. This convenient, subscription-based service includes add-on options such as news feeds, stock updates, sports and weather forecasts.

Learn more: Stage on Demand

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Tailwind® Live TV

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Our Tailwind® airborne satellite TV systems offer the most comprehensive and compelling content available in the air, whether you’re traveling in the contiguous United States or between multiple regions worldwide, such as Europe and the Middle East.

Learn more: Tailwind Live TV

Advancing at the speed of technology

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We designed Venue and our ARINCDirect connectivity services to advance at the speed of technology. They work together seamlessly, along with 24/7 global service and support. So your cabin experience is always exceptional.


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