Rescue Hoist Model 44316

Compatibility: Leonardo AW109, AW139 (dual or single), AW159, AW169, AW189 (single) and Bell 429

Externally mounted, 28 VDC electrically powered rescue hoist Model 44316 uses the Collins Aerospace proprietary translating drum cable management system. The Model 44316 design also incorporates a Weston style load brake and overload slip clutch for added safety.

Model 44316 is the successor to Model 42325 hoist and adds a secondary shaft locking mechanism that meets Human External Cargo (HEC) requirements, improves the level wind system design for enhanced durability, includes fault code readout on the built-in test functionality, provides cable length readout in both feet or meters and improves readout accuracy. Cable lubrication extends cable life and helps arrest corrosion.

Features & benefits

  • Capable of high fleet angle allowing hoist operation in high winds or other circumstances requiring an off angle lift
  • Symmetrical braking reducing dwell time on direction reversals and enhanced braking capability
  • Cable foul onset sensing on all models
  • Continuous duty cycle allows for multiple victim rescues without a cool down period
  • Single point payout reduces potential for hoist-induced load swings using translating drum technology
  • Worldwide field engineering services available

Design features

  • Hour meter logs total operation time
  • Emergency cable cut
  • Down limit override for quick cable changes
  • Redundant limit and decel switches
  • Night vision compatible controls
  • Cable length display on operator’s pendant
  • Searchlight or hover control pendant
  • Intercom switch on pendant
  • Priority hoist controls for pilot
  • Integral 4 point and post mount in same hoist model

Translating drum technology

  • Fixed cable payout point
  • Reduced chance of load spinning
  • Significantly reduced loads on the level-wind
  • Allows for the use of larger diameter rollers at the cable payout point for improved fleet able capability and cable life
  • Tighter fairing fits for reduced FOD & environmental ingress into the hoist system
  • A consistent cable location relative to the aircraft, winch operator and doorway


  • Leonardo AW109, AW139 (dual or single), AW159, AW169, AW189 (single) and Bell 429