Pilot on a Boeing 787 flight deck
Pilot controls from Collins Aerospace generate an artificially mechanical feel to the control wheel, column or side stick in conjunction with rudder pedals for greater situational awareness. Pilots can more safely control aircraft pitch, roll and yaw. The pilot control system is fly by wire with manual or autopilot mode.
  • Interface: Primary, secondary, and high-lift controls with redundant position and force sensor assemblies
  • Controls: Column and wheel yoke assemblies, brake and rudder pedals with sensors
  • Functions: Rudder and aileron trim, pitch variable feel (Q feel) with damping, roll and yaw feel with damping, automatic pilot servo drive
  • Stall warning: Stick shakers alert pilot to impending engine stall
  • Jam protection: (override/breakout) mechanisms
  • Side sticks: passive or active


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