Nacelle Actuation

Fully integrated or partial nacelle solutions

We are at the forefront of technology for the design, development and certification of complete integrated thrust reverser actuation systems (TRAS), as well as powered and unpowered door opening systems (P-DOS), to the latest certification. 

With over 35 years’ experience, Collins Aerospace continues to invest in research and development. We boast a wide portfolio of certified in-service products from 3,000 and 5,000psi hydraulic systems to 230Vac variable frequency electrical TRAS on business jet, regional, and long range commercial aircraft applications.

In addition to our extensive TRAS experience, Collins Aerospace has a vast product experience in nacelle door opening systems – both self-contained electro-hydraulically operated, as well as simple hydraulic actuators capable of being operated by ground supplied power sources. 

We are proud to be a pioneer of technological advancements and our capabilities are underpinned with extensive technical experience to support end-trend system integration, development and certification from complex simulation and modelling through to fully integrated system test rigs.

Features & benefits

Hydraulic TRAS

  • Used to position a nacelle translating sleeve to provide reverse thrust to the aircraft
  • Pressurized and deployed only during reverse thrust. At all other times the system is exposed to return pressure and stowed and locked. 
  • Requires minimal maintenance and is highly reliable with over 600 million flight hours

Electric TRAS

  • Used to position a nacelle translating sleeve to provide reverse thrust to the aircraft
  • Deployed and stowed using an electric motor commanded by an electronic control box communicating with aircraft computers
  • Reduces aircraft weight 15 - 20% by removing fluid and pipework, compared to hydraulic TRAS
  • Reduces need for engine hydraulics
  • Integrates prognostic health monitoring for advanced system fault detection
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