Aircraft wheels & brakes

Time and cost savings for operators

Delivering savings with each landing

Collins Aerospace wheels and braking systems offer airlines the latest technology with the lowest cost of operation. Our innovative electric controls, prognostic systems and advanced materials provide the superior performance and reliability that commercial, civil and military aircraft require.

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Leading the way

Goodrich wheels and brakes were the first to be certified for the Airbus A350-900

DURACARB® carbon disk technology

Our proprietary DURACARB® carbon disk technology is a heat sink material that delivers a significant advantage over steel heat sinks and competing carbon materials. With the weight and durability benefits of DURACARB® carbon disks, operators can expect a greatly lowered cost of operation related to their landing systems.


For example, save up to 700 lbs (318 kg) on Boeing 737NG


For example, significantly longer brake life compared to steel brakes and competing carbon materials


Higher energy absorption capability and faster cooling rates allow for shorter turnaround times


Reduced maintenance and operating costs due to brake life improvement and weight reduction

DURACARB® platform history

AIRBUS A340-600
Certified 2002 
Certified 2003 
Certified 2004 
Certified 2005
Certified 2009
 BOEING 787-8
Certified 2011
 BOEING 747-8
Certified 2011
Certified 2012
 BOEING 787-9
Certified 2014
 AIRBUS A350-900
Certified 2015
Certified 2016

Lock ring wheel and carbon brake for Lockheed Martin C-130

A prime example of the benefits our wheel and brake technologies bring to operators is the Lockheed Martin C-130. Our wheel and brake retrofit for the C-130 includes DURACARB® carbon disk technology, providing extended wear life, low vibration, and improved strength for years of reduced maintenance operation. In addition, Our two-piece aluminum lock ring wheel provides easier overhaul maintenance as well as reduced service and labor requirements. This patented lock ring design eliminates the need for tie bolts, providing significant time and cost savings.


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