ARINC Integrator

Data and application integration software for airlines, airports and ground handlers

The near doubling of global passenger traffic over the next two decades will drive a significant increase in data messaging for airlines, airports and ground handlers. And the demands of connected aircraft, data mining for analytics and business intelligence, new message types and cloud services will continue to drive more messaging. Collins Aerospace designed the ARINC Integrator software tool specifically to help the aviation community manage these ever-increasing complexities.

ARINC Hermes™ messaging software

Collins Aerospace ARINC Hermes™ messaging software is a messaging system that provides simple exchange, integration and automation of your datalink message information with an airline’s aircraft, business systems and remote sites. Hermes enables complete optimization and management of your fleet and enterprise messaging environment. Its statistical reporting tools help optimize your fuel and messaging activity to significantly reduce costs, and its graphical flight tracking ensures constant fleet monitoring to improve situational awareness.

ARINC Border Management Solutions

Collins Aerospace ARINC Border Management Solutions offer a complete set of products and services scalable to meet a country’s unique requirements. Whether it’s Advanced Passenger Information (API), Passenger Name Records (PNR), API/PNR, or automated data fully integrated into government systems, Collins can design a custom solution to meet a country’s unique requirements.

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