ARINC Hermes™

A simple and powerful way to manage your messaging environment

Collins Aerospace ARINC Hermes™ messaging software is a messaging system that provides simple exchange, integration and automation of your datalink message information with an airline’s aircraft, business systems and remote sites.

Hermes also provides manual flight-deck communications with an email-like interface in addition to a graphical flight tracking and reporting tool to improve fleet situational awareness.

Quick facts

  • Unlimited integration capability, protocols and format support
  • Processes, converts and translates any data
  • Provides access to two or more years of historical and archived data
  • Configurable user levels, permissions and views
  • Assistance with implementation and migration for your convenience
  • Virtualization support to minimize hardware costs and data-center footprint
  • Availability optimization using server clustering
  • New version upgrades available at no extra cost and as part of subscription package
  • Flexible monthly or yearly payment options
  • Help-desk support and emergency 24/7 support options available

Key features

  • Web-based user interfaces for end-user messaging and statistical reporting
  • Drag-and-drop rules for message brokering
  • Mobile platform support with remote access option for all web-based user interfaces
  • Real-time flight tracking with accurate fleet status to improve situational awareness
  • Removal of aircraft from all user interfaces in the event of an incident, except for privileged users
  • Integrates with all avionics irrespective of vendor/OEM

Flexible, customizable, efficient

Hermes provides complete management of your messaging environment. It handles all ground-to-air, ground-to-ground and air-to-air communication requirements for users and back office systems. It’s the single solution for all of your messaging needs.

As an on-site/campus solution, Hermes offers the flexibility of local control with configurability to suit your individual requirements. It easily integrates with existing and future systems with no effect on live operations.

Hermes dramatically increases the efficiency of your business’ operational performance. Its statistical reporting tool helps to reduce fuel and messaging costs. Fast message response times increase productivity by providing real-time information to enable prompt operational decision making.

Clear and simple user interfaces

Keep training to a minimum with Hermes’ familiar, intuitive user interfaces.

Instant benefits

When you switch to Hermes, the efficiencies begin immediately: Hermes enables complete optimization and management of your fleet and enterprise messaging environment. Its statistical reporting tools also help optimize your fuel and messaging activity to significantly reduce costs.

Hermes’ graphical flight tracking ensures constant fleet monitoring to improve situational awareness.

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